NOTICE: Web version may have a couple bugs, as the programming language I used currently doesn't officially support HTML5 export, but should mostly be functional.


Even in the farthest reaches of the never-ending space, outlaws cannot outrun the law. And that means you, criminal scum of this sector! Think you can use the vast expanses of the galaxy to escape justice forever? Good luck. We have just the best units made for the very purpose of swiftly taking care of you.

Your goal in this simple arcade game is to get as far as you possibly can - your final score will be based on the distance travelled. Avoid asteroids that stand in your way, collect power-ups to help you, and evade the pursuing cop for as long as your trusty little ship can take it! A pity it's not been fitted with a weapon from the get-go...

Made for Lowrezjam 2021 using Love2d. I just started programming and this is my first real game; feedback is appreciated but please don't be too hard on it, ok? Thanks :)

Controls: Arrow keys or WASD. Enter key is the "start" button.

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsEggy0, murks
Made withLÖVE
TagsArcade, Endless, LÖVE, Pixel Art, Top-Down


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Install instructions

Open or unzip the .zip file. Then, open the executable to launch the game. 

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this is amazing


I got past 500 on my first try. Right as I was getting bored, the big asteroids started coming and I noticed the orange speed upgrades are permanent. I had fun! It's pretty cool that this was done with such a low resolution.

My understanding is that the meter on the left shows how much space is between your ship and the enemy fighter trying to destroy you. I was a little confused about why sometimes I seemed to be going so fast and it was still gaining on me, and other times I was going slower and it seemed to be backing off. Increasing my ship's speed also seemed to affect asteroid velocity in a non-intuitive way. None of these things are really issues considering that this is a low-rez arcade game -- I didn't expect any hand-holding and I think you've done a good job of providing cues for players to figure things out (eventually).

Kudos on finishing, and thank you for sharing Space Disgrace with us!

Thank you very much! Your idea about the meter on the left is correct. If you're interested, I can offer some insight on the asteroids speeding up when you speed up - I did in fact program that in, and you've had a really good eye for that detail. The asteroids were previously spawning with a consistent speed range, but I noticed that they were becoming too slow the faster the player was (they'd spawn, but the player could then easily zip past them if they stuck to the middle), making getting a higher score a bit too easy if RNG gave you enough permanent speed upgrades early on. So I made it so that asteroids would spawn with a velocity range relative to the player's, so that they would still need to watch out instead of kind of cheesing it, haha.


That's cool! It's simple, but complete game. So, i like it, but in the beginning i didn't notice boost item, may be it needs some color like health item has.